Asset Management

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AboutCompany is an international financial organization that has been working since July 2019. Our company is located in Voronezh, Russia. As the team, we decided to receive investments in order to grow and share our profits with our investors. works with a team of experts in cryptocurrency trading, arbitrage and trade in the forex market. We guaratee stable profits to our investors. The company has strong capital and the capital owned by our company is guaranteed for investors

You are able to earn money without making any risky decision. We have developed a system that guarantees constant passive income in 4 investment plans and these plans are 10 days max. After you have made a deposit, you are able to earn by 5% to 10% passive income per day till end of the term of your contracts.


Masako Kato was born in the Canadian province of Saskatchewan due to her family immigration to Canada. Masako Kato, who settled in Toronto for university education, graduated from the University of Toronto in the department of economics. She then completed master's degree in risk management at New York University.
In 2011, she started working in the New York office of Franklin Templeton Company

After working here for 5 years, she started working as a manager in the Netherlands office of Binance Company in 2016.

Deciding to establish her own company after 3 years, Masako gathered a professional team and founded company in 2019. The company, which takes its name from the village of Saskatchewan state where she was born, has been growing for 2 years. Masako Kato is the CEO and chairman of the board.